terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

A Desert Breeze

I still remember the first time I visited the North of Africa: I was about 15 and still followed the ritual of spending every summer holiday with my parents.
They would bring me to places I could not afford on my own and that was the great advantage (as well as their company but that goes unsaid!), but at the same time, I always felt like a little girl who had to do as she was told, I could never really venture on my own.

Africa was however, a nice encounter and a start of many things: until then I had never been away from Europe and when I got off the plane I just loved the warm Sahara breeze, the exotic scents – all so different but all so close.
It was magical and it has deeply influenced the way I see the World today and how I am obsessed with everything exotic, oriental, different!

The fact I hate boring and obvious people, places and things, and the fact I strive for all things different, it is very much due to that first trip to the unknown!

And today, as I went outside, I felt that exactly same African breeze…something brought me back to that time, to the old Mosques, to the sultans, to the spices, to the mystery of the locals and their turbants …and yes, it is funny how we associate scents and smells to happy occasions, to people, to places…

Today, is one of those days when the heat brings me back some sweet memories of the times I used to travel with my family: at the time, I found it boring but now I treasure these memories and will for years to come.

The Desert Wind is definitely in the air today and anything can happen…


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