quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

A Love Letter Never Sent

Here is my Love letter for You.

"You took my Hand,
You showed me the Way,
You brought me Light when I felt lost,
You made me believe in Heaven,
You made me feel Alive,
You showed me a World I did not know existed,
You showed me another side of the Person in me,
You touched my Soul,
You brought me the Peace I so long had been searching for,
You owned my Heart.

But now my Hand is loose,
I cannot find my Way,
All I can see is darkness and no Light,
I can only see Heaven in my dreams,
Only pain makes me feel Alive,
I do not recognise my World,
I do not recognise the Person I see in the mirror,
My Soul is lost,
I am no longer at Peace,
You still own my Heart.

Life was wonderful while you were in my World.