quinta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2010

Allure: Some Women Have It

Kate Moss just seems to get better with Time.
She is more confident now than she has ever been, she does not give a damn about what people think and as someone who grew up watching her modelling worldwide, I have to give her credit: she does have *something*, she has Allure!
And I am not really bothered about those who wonder why she is that thin, how anorexic she looks, how she is a bad example and so on and on!
Rubbish! She is naturally thin and she is a natural beauty!

She is one of those women that even with no make up on, would still be beautiful...and do not tell me that make up makes people beautiful. No way!
Make up might improve one´s look or hide blemishes or dark circles...but it will never make someone beautiful. 
Beauty is something, one either has or does not!
If one is not naturally pretty, does not matter how much make up you may slap on, one will still be averagely looking!

So, all these rather cynical comments about how "Beauty is within"or "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", usually said by less than beautiful people are "silly-talk"!

Beauty is a combination of many things...personality, wisdom, insight, choice of lifestyle and allure - but allure is something one cannot purchase:

Some have it while others, never will no matter what!

Image Source: Courtesy of TrendmeUp