terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

Emerald Island

There is an Emerald island, up in the North of Europe, I call my second Home.
This island is green and its valleys and lakes are renowned for their beauty.

It is an island with a suffering history but nevertheless its people are kind and happy: they thrive to make the best out of their lives while having a smile on their faces.

It welcomes you like no other place: it teaches you Gaelic and English, it teaches you how to dance with your arms down to River Dance, it teaches you how to appreciate the rain, the wind and the cold at the same time and it teaches you to have an open mind about the World.

Music and Poetry are everywhere: it seems everybody is a natural born singer or poet here! It is home to Yeats, Wilde, Joyce, Sinead O´Connor, Van Morrison, U2 and of course, Pierce Brosnan! The list goes on and on!

One can mention the tropical rain in South America, one can mention an elephant walk or a river market in Asia, one can mention the highest mountain in the world.

But for many years I called this mystic island full of castles and foggy days my home and for that reason only, this is probably my most unique Extraordinary Experience!
This beautiful island you cannot afford to miss is called……………………………………………



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