quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Must see!!!

Taking into consideration I usually find Woody´s movies quite funny, I am sure this one will be no exception.
In fact, all that sarcasm, intelligent sense of humour, so straight to the point and his ever so complex (and far from perfect may I say!) characters, are usually what attracts me to his movies. Long gone are the times when Cinderella and perfect ending movies were my favorite. I am too skeptical these days to believe such things happen and when they do, they are an exception to the rule. Seriously.

Scripts where actors play real people, with flaws and in not so perfect relationships are something which always drags me to the nearest cinema maybe because human beings are so complex and indeed, not perfect. Nor should they be!

It is funny how we may all reach for the same but we all have different ways of getting there leading to a lot of break ups and lack of everything but calm. Lack of comprehension is often blamed but I honestly believe that before understanding or several talks about what issues bother us, one has to respect people and firstly, respect oneself.

Things can only work when we have total respect for ourselves. We can only truly love someone when we truly love ourselves, with our flaws, with our bad tempers and all that the human being is about.

Anyway, I am always looking for movies and books (and everything really!) that makes me think (more!), that stimulates me...and hopefully this movie will be up there with Annie Hall, Match Point, Midnight in Paris, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and the brilliant Manhattan, to name a few of my favorite Allen´s movies.

A friend of mine says "you can only be happy when you dont think. When you empty your mind from any thought."
I am not sure though...after all, what would we be without our thoughts, happy or sad, past or present ones? Just a bunch of empty heads walking around, really.
Something Woody is not and am sure has never been otherwise his movies would go straight to dvd or some old rental place. He is no empty head though and soon enough I shall be enjoying this new movie of his along with lots of salty popcorn (yes, I am one of those!).

Let´s watch this and find out if he does it justice! :)

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