domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

My Best Friend´s Wedding

My male best friend got married yesterday.

Yes, he did.

It was one of those beautiful days: Spring in the air, lovely church waiting, happy colourful guests, a true princess-like beautiful bride, white doves flying (seriously!), fireworks at night time, a food-marathon which would last for a full month, Male Best Friend getting married.
Yes, I know I keep repeating myself in an effort to make it sound real!

To be honest, I never thought the day would come when I would see this good friend of mine walking down the aisle: I always assumed, we would grow old together, like brother and sister, having lots of good moments, doing different and foolish things, having those talks only best friends have, being there for one another,...that sort of thing.

But then he fell in Love...not just a fling or a short-lived affair, this time, it was for real. Something changed in him and changed who he was....turning him into that person we always talked about but I never thought it would actually happen. But that is Love: it changes people, even those who said they would never settle or get married.
This girl would have to be Special for him to propose, unlike ex-girlfriends, this girl meant something. Something serious like claiming your Love vows in a church in front of 200 hundred guests!
And when I got the engagement news, I jumped with joy, I could not be happier for my friend, I even got teary eyes, I was truly happy for him!

Until yesterday...when he "actually" got married!

Do not get wrong, I am not jealous nor want my friend to "guard me" for the rest of his Life, nothing like that!
I am just a bit sad that things will never be the same....because, no matter what people tell you, Marriage DOES change things, priorities change, discussions will be centred around whether Christmas will be spent at the in-laws, when is the next married couples barbecue, what are the kids school fees, which sofa looks best where, etc. and all this "married couples stuff" does not mix with "singles stuff" as much!

Ok, maybe nothing will change and I am just being my usual self, worrying far to much and being silly! But it would be nice for Time to stand still so that I could be foolish and single with my friend, for many years to come. Or at least, a few more anyway! Is that being selfish?!
Do not answer that!

In all fairness, I made a new friend, my male best friend´s wife: she is lovely and after so many years and so many wrong choices, he did find The One.
Someone who looks "right" at his side, it all makes sense now and it was worth waiting all those years (some of them going out with "Miss Wrong") so he could finally find, and appreciate, his "Miss Right".

What kind of friend would I be if all I wished was for him to still wonder around, stay single, meet the wrong people?

Not a very good friend and especially, not the Best Friend that I claim to be! ;)

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