segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2012

Happy 2012

A new year has started.
Renewed wishes, new hopes for a better year, a new frame of mind to start this day with...
Every year is the same: we long for those better days and the accomplishment of so many surpassed goals and dreams...but soon we realise that Life is rarely as planned and if we really want something, we have to work hard at it, go after it, be persistent. Is not enough to write a list of our goals, we also have to put in practise the strategies to get there!

Also, if we know is all due to hard work and going after things, what is stopping us from doing so? Why not change our priorities? Why not change our outlook of things??? Especially if a change will do wonders for our Lives?

I guess is Fear...fear of not being there at the right time, fear of not being good enough, fear of not exceeding expectations and even, fear of succeeding!!!

This year, I really do want to let go of anything or anyone who is holding me back...whatever or whoever does not let me moove forward and even though it is hard to let go of the Past, we can easily do it just by deciding to do so.
It is all about decision...and gladly, once I decide something, I do not look back! ;)

Happy New Year, may you all go for what really makes you Happy, without fears! :)

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