sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

Christmas Song # 2: All I Want for Christmas

"Love Actually" is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all times, along with "The Sound of Music", "Home Alone 1, 2, ...", "Beauty and the Beast", etc. and the endless list of similar movies! Yes, I am a great adopter of all cheesy and tacky "Christmasy" things! I love a huge tree with lots of colour, lights, stars, angels, chocolates in no perfect order but rather messy; I love the "scent of Christmas" in those cold yet dry days; a house full of noisy relatives arguing about which turkey stuffing will be used, etc.

I also long for all the silly Christmas songs playing on the radio in a non-stop mode (I have to admit that it would not be the same without Wham´s "Last Christmas"!) but I have to say that this version of "All I want for Christmas" treasured by this great romantic comedy, is surely one of a kind (sorry, Mariah!).

Turn the volume on and enjoy this little girl´s voice.

Video Clip Source: youtube.com

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