quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2011

Say what you Mean

Time flies, people come and go, our bodies change, our minds evolve and we become different people throughout the years.
I am not the same person I was at 15 or 25 but I am a better person: I am more aware of what matters and what does not, what is worth fighting for, what I need to let go and give up on...
One thing that comes only with maturity though is the need to be "liked" all the time or the need to say what we think people want to hear.
Nowadays, I try my best to stay as true to myself as possible. I have given up on spending time with people who mean nothing to me, who bring me no joy and I treat my Time with much care. After all, it is of most importance and I make sure I spend it wisely!
Part of this maturity process also involves saying what I mean: what I really mean, without a mask, without worrying what the outcome may be or who might like it or not!
Imagine getting to 80 years old, looking back and coming to the conclusion that one had not been true to thyself or others?? Dreadful, huh? I want to be myself in my Life...not some other person.
So, I am practising the art of speaking my mind, revealling my true hidden feelings, being honest with others as much as possible...because if I run away from my true feelings, I will be running away from...Myself.
Lets not do that, lets make sure that whoever is with us, knows us and what to expect.

More of "what you get is what you see"!

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